3 Relaxing Things to Do in Asheville, NC


Since 1800, there have been many relaxing things to do in Asheville, NC. Our health and wellness driven community seems to add new self-care activities every year. While our mountainous terrain is said to work wonders on your mind and soul, we also boast several wellness retreats in Asheville, NC. Whether you relax by preparing a healthy meal, trying new exercises, or enjoying nature’s serene beauty, you’ll find all of these self-care activities and more on your Asheville retreat! To escape your stressful day to day routine, plan your vacation with Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals—you’ll end your getaway feeling better than ever before with the help of the following activities.   

Salt Caves

While overeating salt may lead to health problems, inhaling salt poses several health benefits. Salt inhalation, otherwise known as halotherapy, is excellent for your lungs, mental health, joints, allergy suppression, and more! For this reason, there are several salt caves in North Carolina. A salt cave consists of pink Himalayan salt-covered walls, salt diffusers, and comfortable chairs. All you’re expected to do is focus on your breath and your body’s position. The Salt Spa of Asheville plays soothing sounds for guests to meditate or relax in a peaceful environment.

Foot Spa in Asheville

Treat yourself to personalized service at one of the best spas in North Carolina, known as Wake Foot Sanctuary. The menu boasts a wide variety of spa services ranging from an Asheville massage targeting your head, neck, hands, arms, and shoulders to their legendary foot soaks. All 45-minute foot soaks are handmade with revitalizing salts, nourishing clays, and essential oils. While all soaks are worth trying, we’ve identified some of our favorites, such as Lavender Chamomile, Tea Tree & Mint, Salty Beach Rose, and the Meditation Garden. Please note, foot soaks do not include massage, so you’ll need to select an add on for Asheville massage therapy. From the second you enter this Asheville spa, you’ll be welcomed with a serene atmosphere, impeccable service, and genuine care for your wellbeing. 

Hot Springs Near Asheville, NC

Never underestimate the healing power of time spent enjoying nature, especially in Hot Springs, NC. The warm hot springs near Asheville, NC, are a holistic approach to help relieve stress, physical fatigue, and muscle stiffness. Many visitors stop to enjoy the hot springs near Asheville, NC, after a long day of hiking, rafting, or kayaking to enjoy the countless benefits. Before heading back to your Yonder Luxury Vacation Rental, take a stroll through the small, charming town of Hot Springs, NC, until you work up an appetite. Smoky Mountain Diner is a spot you can’t miss—their outdoor seating, welcoming atmosphere, and friendly staff with keep your zen day rolling! 

Yonder Luxury Vacation Rentals boasts homes located near many relaxing things to do in Asheville, NC—you’ll have a perfect wellness retreat in North Carolina no matter where you stay. Start by browsing the available mountain bound vacation rentals on our website. Talk to our staff today for assistance finding the best vacation rental and learning more about the area, by calling at 888-699-2987. We’re happy to be your Asheville, NC, travel guide all vacation long!