YEP – Waterfalls

We are so fortunate to have hundreds if not thousands of waterfalls, cascading streams, rivers and creeks surrounding our vacation homes. Although we’ve not gotten to every one, we have been to more than most and will continue to add to that list. One of our greatest pleasures is taking our guests to selected less visited waterfalls and seeing the excitement in their faces as we approach the falls with the mist in the air and the sound of endless water hitting the rocks.

Depending on your time frame and hiking skill level, we will coordinate a fantastic waterfall experience that will leave you with lasting memories. Like all our Yonder Experience Programs, each trip is tailor made to fit your itinerary and requirements.

Waterfall Safety Checklist
~ Observe all posted signs leading to waterfall area
~ Stay on marked trails and observation areas
~ Do not jump off waterfalls or dive into pools
~ Do not climb on rocks above waist height
~ Do not swim or wade upstream near a waterfall
~ Expect slick rocks around waterfalls
~ Watch your children at all times

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Mark Bastin


Doug Young