YEP – Adventure

For a Yonder guest, a great experience while on vacation is our ultimate goal. Unique, beautiful and clean homes, local, friendly staff who are responsive and helpful are all important features that has made Yonder a leader in the vacation rental industry for over a decade. Now we are pleased to offer you the following tailor-made small group experiences. These men and woman are experts in their field and more importantly are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of the mountains. Contact us today for more information.


Trail Running –
Pete Ripmaster
I’ve been a lover of all things mountains since as long as I can remember. That love has led to some world class adventures including running 50 marathons in 50 states, The Tahoe 200 and The Iditarod Trail Invitational. I’ve learned many skills that I enjoy passing along to those that are looking for a touch more adventure in their life. I look forward to sharing my home WNC trails with you and yours through Yonder.





Birding –
Emilie Travis
Emilie Travis was born and raised in central NJ having always enjoyed watching birds but didn’t discover the hobby of birding until she attended University of Vermont for a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Forestry. Emilie has assisted on bird banding projects in the Northeast and Midwest, gaining a tremendous amount of experience handling and identifying neo-tropical migrants. She acquired her Master’s degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison studying the impact of communication towers to migratory birds. Emilie ‘s wealth of wildlife knowledge makes it a joy to walk in the woods with her and is guaranteed to be a HOOT!


Kevin Burke
Originally from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Kevin Burke has been an avid bird lover for most of his life.  He really started to hone his birding skills while living on the coast of North Carolina teaching environmental education.  Birding has brought Kevin across the country and abroad.  He has led expeditions in Washington’s San Juan Islands, Idaho’s back country, and The Southern Appalachian chain.  Kevin has recently started to expand his birding outside the United States with trips to Portugal and Colombia.  Birding is becoming a life long journey for Kevin and he loves to share his knowledge and help others grow their skills in bird identification.




Mountain & Road Biking
Tim Bateman

To say Tim is passionate about bicycles would be an understatement. His affinity for cycling has led him to travels far and wide on two wheels. With 15 years of backcountry guiding experience and 30 years in the cycling industry, you could say he knows his way around a bike. Let him share his knowledge and experience as he accompanies you on the ride of your choice.




Whitewater Kayaking

Philip Ellis

I am a connoisseur paddler and would love to share my appreciation of our WNC rivers, and the eclectic Asheville paddling scene. I have kayaked in these Southern Appalachian streams for for over 16 years. I love the intensity of paddling whitewater, but there is more to these rapids than mere adrenaline—beauty in the pools, wisdom in their shape. The stream lies at the foot of the slope, like hammer and chisel laid down at the foot of a finished sculpture. But the stream is no dead tool; it is alive, it is still at its work. Put your hand to it to learn the health of this part of the world. It is the wrist of the hill. -W.Berry