Yonder Event Rules & Regulations

NUMBER OF EVENT ATTENDEES: Guest agrees to accurately disclose the number of people that are attending the event, and to pay the associated event fee.  Should this number increase at any time, the Guest is responsible for notifying Yonder of these changes and paying any additional costs.  Failure to properly disclose the number of attendees up to the maximum may result in additional fees, not to exceed double the amount of the maximum event fee.

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF EVENT ATTENDEES: Each event home has it’s own maximum number of event attendees. Exceeding this number of event attendees may result in additional charges up to $100 per additional attendee, pursuit of Expedited Eviction Proceedings or both. 

INTERIOR USE OF HOME: Guest understands that all events are to be held outside of the home and the interior is NOT to be used for any event, overflow, or other activities related to the event. (See also below about bathroom usage/port-a-john rental.)

PORT-A-JOHNS: All event attendees are prohibited from using the bathrooms within the home. Guest must provide adequate outdoor port-a-john rentals for all event attendees. Any unauthorized use of the bathrooms will tax the existing septic/sewer system and will result in charges to the guest, not less than $500. If sewer/septic system is damaged and requires repair, Guest will be responsible for all costs and/or associated charges. 

VENDORS: We have created a preferred vendor list that we will share upon booking. This list is based on the feedback of previous guests, as well as our own interactions with the vendors.  These are only suggestions, as you are welcome to use any vendors you choose.  Guest accepts responsibility for all outside vendors and their activities and/or damages while on the property.  Yonder does not specifically endorse or promote any outside vendors.

TENTS AND DECORATIONS: No permanent decorations or alterations are permitted. Any temporary decorations or alterations should not damage or leave marks on or around the property. Guest accepts full responsibility for any damages caused by tents and decorations.  Guest is responsible for clean up and disposal of all decorations, plants, etc.  All event items and trash must be consolidated and placed in the appropriate areas, per your welcome book.  Post event, the property should be in the same condition as it was upon arrival.  Additional cleaning fees will apply if this expectation is not met.  Arrangements must be made with vendors to have all rented items picked up and off the premises prior to check out.* Failure to remove these items from the premises prior to check out may result in additional charges. 

*IF POSSIBLE, alternate arrangements may be made only with prior permission of Yonder.

NOISE: Bands, DJs, and amplified music must cease by 10:00 PM.  Event activities must be completely wrapped up by mid-night. Local noise ordinances are still in effect and guests are responsible for knowing and abiding by them.  

EXTENT: Event fee only covers additional event attendees for one specified time frame.  If multiple events are hosted during your stay, there should be one fee per event.

EVENT FEE: The event fee affords you the ability to accommodate more than the standard occupancy and/or outside vendors for a specified timeframe during your stay.  All other arrangements for your event are the guest’s responsibility, including tables, chairs, tents, port-a-johns, etc. The event fee simply covers the additional wear & tear, liability and insurance that is involved with hosting an event.  

CANCELLATION*: Cancelations that are made more than ninety one (91) days prior to the arrival date will be eligible for a full refund, minus a $560.00 cancellation fee. If you wish to keep your reservation, but cancel your event more than ninety one (91) days prior to the arrival date, we will refund your event fee less $210. Cancelations or changes that result in a shortened stay or no event, that are made within ninety (90) days of the arrival date, forfeit fifty percent (50%) of all fees, up until sixty one (61) days prior to check-in. Cancelations made within sixty (60) days of stay will forfeit all fees, except cleaning fees and applicable taxes. Early departure does not warrant a refund of rent.**

*If you booked this reservation through airbnb, your cancelation policy, determined by airbnb, is as follows: For a 50% refund of accommodation fees, cancelation must be made 60 full days prior to Yonder’s local check in time (4:00 PM) on the day of check in. If you cancel less than 60 days in advance, the nights not spent are not refunded. If you arrive and decide to leave early, the nights not spent are not refunded.

** Email constitutes effective written notice and is governed by the timestamp of email receipt. 

INSPECTION: Yonder reserves the right to inspect and audit during your stay and event to ensure that all of these rules and regulations are properly abided by.