The Experience Is King

Recently, I had the good fortune to spend 5 days in Colorado for a bachelor party ski trip. Before the obvious winks and nods that come with associated bachelor parties, let me clarify, that this was about as far from the movie “Hangover” as you can get. Yes we had fun, but after a day of skiing/snowshoeing/hiking, that fun faded away between 9:30 and 10:00 PM. But I digress, the catalyst for this blog was to reaffirm what really matters to us and the majority of our guests who stay at a Yonder home. I bring up Colorado because there were several times when we spoke of the fantastic experience we were having and the memories that were being made.

The subject of experiences and their importance in our life was recently written about in Fast Company and titled “The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things” Its a great article and worth the read. The experience is at the core to what Yonder provides. Sure the homes are beautiful, clean and have the amenities that make for a very comfortable and luxurious stay, but its the activities in and outside the home with friends, families and loved ones that create the experiences and forge the memories. It could be as simple as having dinner on one of our Yonder home decks with your family as the sun sets over the Blue Ridge Mountains, hiking the lush rhododendron covered trails in the Pisgah forest, visiting one of many award winning craft breweries or restaurants, tapping your feet to live music or simply relaxing on a back porch as your children run barefoot on the green grass. Asheville has more than enough to keep you busy…. if you want. We read this every day on the reviews and feedback from guests. Its reaffirming and meaningful to us.  The guest experience is king and more important to us at Yonder than any other metric.



Edenderry Pond