Autumn Hiking & Biking In Asheville

“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.” ― William Cullen Bryant

Ahhh yes, we’re entering the spectacular season in Asheville….Autumn! Mornings are getting chilly and leaves begin their last hoorah. While many who visit Asheville come for the variety of restaurants, craft beer, artist studios, music venues and boutique shops, others come for trails, rivers and summits. The beauty this time of year is turned up a notch or two in the Blue Ridge Mountains and the desire to get outdoors, explore and have some fun grows like a leaf pile. Here’s a few ideas and resources to maximize your outdoor adventures while you’re in Asheville.

Hiking: There are literally hundreds of trails and thousands of miles available to you in and around Asheville. Click on the photo below to see five excellent suggestions from our friends at Roots Rated :

Ryan Hiking


Click here to see what our favorite hikes are: Asheville & WNC Hikes

Biking: Like hiking, you have loads and loads of options for both road and mountain biking. Click on the photo below for some great info from the good folks at Asheville Cycling:



Outfitting and Rentals: We have some amazing local vendors that have a ton of local knowledge, offer rentals and will help outfit you so you’re comfortable and safe! Here’s 3 of our preferred vendors. Please click on their logos to find out more: