About Western North Carolina

People flock to Western North Carolina from all parts of the world to enjoy this masterpiece of nature, featuring the Blue Ridge Mountains and Blue Ridge Parkway, along with its seemingly endless recreational offerings, diverse creative communities and abundant wildlife. Its cities and towns offer a wealth of art, culture, dining and entertainment.

Folks that wish to vacation in Asheville, in one of the many vacation cabin rentals, will be elated to find anything they seek to occupy their leisure time. For the adventurer, this area’s temperate climate allows you to engage in outdoor activities year-round. The Blue Ridge Parkway, Pisgah National Forest and Great Smokey Mountains National Park extend countless invitations. Spring, summer and fall bring whitewater rafting and kayaking, fly fishing, golfing, camping, backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding, rock climbing, and bird watching. Yes, the Asheville area has many vacation renters in the Winter season also, where they find skiing, ice-skating, snowboarding, tubing and snowmobiling.

For the music enthusiast, concerts abound, and nightclubs hum with a wide range of musical styles. The numerous theatres spread throughout the area feature everything from locally written plays to Broadway musicals – and hardly a week goes by without some sort of festival going on.

Dining out offers an abundance of culinary delights. Some establishments’ dishes are so elegantly presented, it would not be surprising to learn that your chef is a transplant from some of the best restaurants in America. Others tempt you with award winning French, Italian, Japanese, Continental or Vegan cuisine.

Western North Carolina is teeming with art galleries and museums. In Asheville NC, many are within walking distance of each other, and Asheville NC, Hendersonville NC, Waynesville NC and Brevard NC are among the Western NC towns that have monthly “art crawls.”  Vacation rentals are available throughout all these areas.

The multi-faceted geography of these Blue Ridge Mountains, which are considered to be the oldest range on the planet, allows you to feel far away from it all (even when you’re not.) Maybe you can even find a spot for a cozy afternoon picnic next to one of North Carolina’s 200-plus scenic waterfalls.

Western North Carolina enjoys four distinctly beautiful seasons which supply an ever-changing backdrop to daily living. Spring blossoms gracefully as a Japanese watercolor. Summer nights glow with fireflies dancing to a resounding orchestra of Katydids. Autumn looks as if God dropped His paint-box over the mountains and left the resulting splashes of color for everyone to enjoy. Winter has its own special charms; whether it’s brilliant sunshine one day, a thunderstorm the next, or snowflakes as big as quarters spreading a quiet blanket of white for your enjoyment.

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