YEP – Culinary

For a Yonder guest, a great experience while on vacation is our ultimate goal. Unique, beautiful and clean homes, local, friendly staff who are responsive and helpful are all important features that has made Yonder a leader in the vacation rental industry for over a decade. Now we are pleased to offer you the following tailor-made small group experiences. These men and woman are experts in their field and more importantly are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of the mountains. Contact us today for more information.

The options below make it easy for our guests, but if there is something that you would like and it’s not on this list, please let us know. We will do our absolute best to make it happen for you.

~ A minimum of 12 guests for each culinary option is required ~

Dinner in the comfort of your home

3 menu packages
*meals will be prepared mostly ahead with minimal finishes and plate up at the house.
*staff to serve and clean up

Roast Dinner (option #1) A robust table celebrating roasted local meats, poultry and vegetable with deep flavors and textures.

-Local Farm Rib Roast, Marinated Local Organic Chicken, assorted Seasonal Hand Selected Organic Vegetables, Roasted Rood Vegetables, Local artisanal Bread (GF offering available), Two Choices of Fresh Salads, Sauces, butters and accompaniments, Chocolate Raspberry mousse and petite cookies
Package is $42.95 per person

Grill Dinner (option #2) Enjoy a variety of locally sourced ingredients finished on you patio or backyard’s grill, served al fresco.

-Marinated Wild Caught Salmon, Brined Local Chicken, NC Fresh Shrimp, Grilled Romaine Caesar Salad, Medley of Grilled Seasonal Vegetables, Grilled tubular, Herb Legume & Bean Salad, Grilled Citrus, Aioli and House-Made Sauces, Grilled Pound Cake, Fruit Topping and Local Ice-cream
Package is $37.95 per person

Skillet Dinner (option #3) An ethnic celebration of cultures through food, cuisine and wine.

-Spanish Seafood/ Poultry Paella Valencia, Pan Seared Sustainable Tuscan Style Seafood, Locally Sourced Greens with Citrus Dressing, Pan Sautéed Vegetables, Pan Baked Eggplant Parmesan, Crusty Bread, Infused Oils & Butters, Freshly Baked Fruit Pies, Chantilly Cream
Package $36.95 per person

*All Dinner packages are served family style. Vegetarian & vegan substitutions are available. Gluten Free options can easily be accommodated. Please kindly advise on any dietary requirements and allergies.

Dinner & Culinary Cooking Instructional

Tailored Menu
*Chef will be available to demonstrate and prepare food for the guests
*staff to serve and clean up
Package price based on menu selection


3 menu packages
*meals to be delivered and set up for the guests
*staff to serve and clean up (if needed)

Package #1
(Quick, Healthy and Nutritious)
Granola Yogurt Parfait, Assorted Fresh Fruit & Assorted Healthy Muffins and GF Breakfast Breads plus condiments.
Package $13.95 per person

Package #2
(Energy Boosting, Long Lasting and Healthy)
Chia Pudding, Assorted Fresh Fruit, Protein Fruit Smoothies, Breakfast Egg and Sausage Sandwich (Choice of: homemade sausage or tempeh sausage), Sweet Potato and Kale Hash
Package $14.95 per person

Package #3
(Fulfilling & Nutritious)
Assorted Fresh Fruit, Assorted Breakfast Breads, Scrambled Farm Egg ( caramelized onion & turmeric),                             Sweet Potato and Kale Hash, Fresh Juices, Bacon & Sausage, Assorted Condiments
Package $15.95 per person

*Fresh Brewed coffee, tea, decaf and Condiments can be provided through one of city’s favorite Coffee shops. Price can be quoted at the time of order
*Super foods Latte’s and drinks are available. Price $5.00 each


2 menu packages
*boxed lunches for the guests to take on their daily activities

Package #1
(Nutritious, Easy, mid-day energy boost)
House Made Dips & Vegetables, BBB Burger (choice of grilled Lamb Pattie or grilled Chicken Breast or vegan Pattie), GF salted caramel brownie & vegan tahini cookie
Boxed Lunch Price $13.95 per person

Package #2
(Vitamin packed, Healthy and satisfying)
Kale & Vegetable Salad with Tahini Herb Dressing, topped with choice of (grilled marinated Chicken Breast or Roasted Local Pork Loin or Vegan Pattie ), Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges & Dips
Protein Seed & Nut Bars, Chocolate Power Ball
Boxed Lunch Price $16.95 per person

*Fresh Juices, still & sparkling water and un-sweetened sparkling water available upon request.

*Culinary Guided Tour #1

An evening filled with great food and drinks at the top restaurants of the area with a chance to meet the chefs and get a behind the scene tour. Each chef will prepare a small plate of their specialties for group’s enjoyment.

The tour will consist of 3 locations with first and second location to start off the evening and the last location to serve entrée and dessert course. A full bar & wine list will be available at each location and guests can choose their own beverages (additional to the price per person cost).

Package price $85.00 per person, includes all the food. All beverages and tips are additional.

*Culinary Guided Tour #2

You will get to taste the most exciting delicacies prepared by the Food Truck Chefs of Asheville. The best of Asheville’s street foods will be included in this culinary evening. We will visit 3-4 trucks with varied themes and will have beverages available at each stop based on group’s choosing.

Package price $75.00 per person, includes all food and beverages. Tips are at the guests discretionary.

  • There is a 7% local tax added to all charges.
  • $90.00 per server fee
  • Delivery fee $50.00 for drop off packages
  • Additional rental fees may incur if needed extra serving pieces
  • 2 weeks advance notice on all guided tours
  • Minimum of 12 on all packages.