Our Home Is Cleaner Than Yours!

We are very confident in saying that to every arriving guest at every Yonder home.

As a new member to the Yonder team, “cleaning” a Yonder home is part of the training regardless of what your “job title” might be. The purpose is really to experience how we clean homes before the guests arrive. A super clean home is an important cog in the guest experience. I had read the Yonder manual that describes our cleaning protocols and standards, but like learning to ride a bike, you don’t do it by reading a manual.

It happened mid week recently when I was least expecting it. Our EcoClean cleaning crew were super busy between departing and arriving guests and our cleaning crew that handles the smaller cottages were beset with head colds and scheduled vacations. I got the call along with Katie one of our Vacation Facilitators (who has had ample training and experience with the cleaning crews) that we needed to get “The Cozy Cottage” cleaned and ready for new guests that afternoon. It was time to roll up my sleeves.

Other than the normal dirt, stains, food and dust particles on the counters and floor, there weren’t many surprises. From start to finish, it took us double the time to clean The Cozy Cottage as our professional counterparts. Partly because we weren’t as familiar with the nooks and crannies of the home and partly because we must have examined every room and surface 3 times more than the cleaning crew. We just wanted to get it right. Our goal was to have Cozy Cottage cleaner than the home of the arriving guests.

I understand from conversations with our cleaning crews and reading wonderful guest reviews that the cleaning standard we have at Yonder is very high. Delivering this standard every day for our guests is incredibly important and one of the variables that separates us from the competition. I’ll be rolling up my sleeves a few more times for different Yonder homes, but after the Cozy Cottage experience, I have a much deeper appreciation for the work, commitment and effort our cleaning crews put in behind the scenes that help create a fantastic guest experience.

Whether you use Yonder or another vacation rental service, having a really clean home when you arrive should not be a gamble or a “what if”. It should be the norm, you deserve it.



Cozy Cottage