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Nestled between Sunrise and Sunset,  in the sparkling fresh air of the Blue Ridge Mountains
is an urban paradise- Asheville, North Carolina.

A broad minded, cosmopolitan haven of progressive nature and creative energy…outdoor cafes, scintillating galleries, alluring boutiques, vibrant music, inspired restaurants, merry and craft filled fairs, art deco architecture and a wonderful selection of events throughout the year.

Asheville is Western North Carolina’s largest city, boasting a population of approximately 70,000 residents. Often referred to as the “Paris of the South”, it is perennially among the top 10 best places to live. Recently it was voted one of the  “10 Most Beautiful Places in America”

Asheville is a fascinating, diverse and welcoming place to visit or call home. For those of us fortunate enough to live here, Asheville is a mountain paradise, full of grand vistas and fertile valleys. For those of you wishing to visit, Yonder is the perfect host for your “dream getaway”. We have a superb collection of luxury homes for you to choose from whether you prefer a downtown condominium, a luxurious cottage, or a large retreat in the countryside.

There’s something special about Asheville, and the world is just beginning to discover it. This thriving mountain city & surrounding countryside are the ultimate playground, with a wide diversity of events throughout the year, outdoor activities and relaxing atmosphere, creating the ideal destination for an active and healthy getaway.

Come visit with us soon…


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