Sand, dust, kitchen grease….no one wants to start a vacation on the coast and feel uneasy about the cleanliness of the rental home. At Yonder, this experience is totally unacceptable. Your experience as a guest is our top priority. We have specific house keeping guidelines and standards to ensure that your stay in one of our homes is incredibly clean and comfortable for you and we are confident you’ll notice! We stand behind these standards with the 100% Yonder Clean Guarantee. Clean, well maintained properties ready by 4:00 PM every time.

If your vacation home is not ready for your arrival by 4:00 PM, we will buy you dinner* If you come into one of our homes and it has not been cleaned and maintained to our housekeeping standards we will quickly fix the issues. If we are unable to return the property to our standards in a timely manner, we will refund your cleaning fee.

*Dinner will be a gift certificate to one of our favorite restaurants listed in the welcome book (amount based on the size of the home).

**We define a “timely manner to be by 11:30 AM the morning after your arrival. Refunds not issued if we are not notified of cleanliness issues by 9:00 AM the day after your arrival. Click here for a list of our housekeeping standards.