Sunrise On The Coast

We were on the coast, Wilmington NC to be exact….6 solid hours from our home in the mountains of Asheville NC. Several meetings had been planned with 2nd home owners/investors who wanted Yonder to manage and market their homes as a vacation rental property on the coast.  For sure, that was the primary reason we were there. In a market saturated by hundreds and hundreds of vacation rentals and sub-par management companies (we’ve experienced first hand and heard enough stories to state this with confidence), we are opening up our coastal vacation rental office in Wilmington, with conviction.

Now for the secondary reason, I take photos and love getting a good sunrise shot. Full disclosure, I take photos as a hobby. I have a flimsy tripod, entry level DSLR and a kit lens, but that doesn’t stop me from having a good nights sleep compromised by the chance of capturing a sunrise. Usually, its in the Blue Ridge Mountains, but this trip gave me the opportunity to catch the sun coming up over the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

That alarm doesn’t just wake you up, it reminds you pretty quickly that the super tasty cocktail from the Blind Elephant at 10:00 the night before was probably ill advised. At least I had all my camera gear set up, batteries charged and lens cleaned, so I wasn’t taxing my half asleep brain with those tasks.

After a relatively quick drive on the quiet roads, I parked the car at Surf City (it’s really a town) on Topsail Island. There is something very special being on a beach at that time of the day. Except for a few laughing seagulls, the wind and sound of the ocean, its just your thoughts and putting the camera gear together. With all our smart devises and info on the net, it’s pretty easy to know where and what time the sun will be making its appearance. But just in case you don’t have access to that info, the sun politely announces its presence a few minutes early with a soft half domed glow.

Sometimes you get a good shot, sometimes you don’t. I’ve never regretted waking up before most in an effort to capture a digital image. What lasts even longer than the photo on Facebook or Instagram, is the experience and appreciation of seeing an event that has been happening every single day for over 4 billion years. Amazing!